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We found Green Gem Holistic Health after trying to get pregnant with our second child for well over a year.  We found Rebecca’s diagnostics and suggestions invaluable in bettering our health and lifestyle, and they provided hope and the hand we needed to see us through.  Where other practitioners failed to provide answers for us as to why we weren’t conceiving, Rebecca was able to offer solutions.  We were blessed with our second daughter in October 2014.

Rosalyn Mok Chao, Yoga Instructor, 30’s, and Carl Mok, Programmer and Advertising Executive

Natural Conception After Failed IUIsJersey Shore Infertility Consultant

My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for two years.  We went to the doctor to make sure we were healthy and other than low sperm morphology, the doctor assured us that we were physically capable of conceiving.  Yet we had three failed IUIs.  I went to Green Gem Holistic Health for counseling and Rebecca recommended supplements for my husband to improve his sperm morphology.  My husband took the supplements for two months, and on Ms. Curtis’ recommendation, we both took additional supplements.  I now have a healthy daughter. We did not otherwise alter our diet or lifestyle and we think we owe this miracle to Ms. Curtis’ recommendations.

Lin Shi, 37, Attorney at Law, Hong Kong and New York.  September 2011.

Natural ConceptionJersey Shore Fertility Consultant

Attending Rebecca’s Fertility Prep Seminar was definitely a turning point for me and my husband’s journey to getting pregnant.  Even with months spent researching fertility-friendly foods, herbs and lifestyle routines, it was Rebecca’s advice that finally gave me a clear direction on a few major things I needed to focus on in order to balance my hormones and strengthen my overall well being.  I left her seminar with a newfound enthusiasm for holistic medicine.  I followed up with a consultation, where my husband and I both gained advice and recommendations that quickly helped us overhaul our food, sleep and exercise habits.  Perhaps the last piece of the puzzle was the comfort of knowing I had a trustworthy, comprehensive guide who would be supporting me.  Because soon after, I found out I was pregnant!  The support Rebecca offers is infinitely valuable for anyone seeking to get pregnant naturally and happily.

Eva Schneider, 30, Graphic Designer and CopyWriter, Brooklyn, NY.  June 2012.

Weight Loss

I started working with Green Gem Holistic Health in November of 2013.  stock-photo-vegetables-and-fruits-on-the-collection-of-forks-diet-concept-77763838My interest was in weight loss and nutrition. I had been to Weight Watchers, and to two other well-regarded nutritionists, with little to no results. I have to say that I am stunned that I have lost 32 pound in three months’ time.  Rebecca is friendly, thorough, and communicative. The weight loss has been steady, gradual, and not hard to do in the least.  In fact, I have not really been able to internalize what a great achievement this has been, as it has simply been too easy to do. Highly recommended, and I am so glad to be working with her.

Evan Gluck, 47, Manhattan, Spring 2014.

Natural Conceptionfertility

My husband and I consulted with Rebecca after a year and a half of trying to conceive.  She suggested herbs and supplements for me, to support my thyroid and adrenals and to improve my fertility, and individualized dietary plans for both me and my husband.  A week after following her program, we both felt better, had more energy, and experienced improved digestion.  It didn’t take long from there (two months) until we conceived.  We are grateful to Rebecca not only for helping us to conceive a healthy baby, but also for changing the way we eat and teaching us about dietary strategies that would make us feel our best.  Rebecca truly changed our lives.

Rachael Rosenblum, 34, Retail Designer, Brooklyn.  Spring 2014.

Weight Loss, Improved EnergyJersey Shore Weight Loss ExpertThis was my first time working with a nutritionist and I was pleasantly surprised. Rebecca helped me set, take control of and prioritize goals in all areas of my life. She gave me the tools I needed in order to take charge of my own health and happiness. In the past three months, I have lost twenty-one pounds.  I have more energy, and have discovered many new, nourishing foods. I am now cooking wholesome meals for my family that I can feel good about.  Rebecca is a wealth of information when it comes to whole foods and nutritional supplementation. I have learned many invaluable secrets from her that I will continue to use for the rest of my life.

Stacy Farinella, 37, Homemaker, Boston, MA.  July, 2011.

Natural Conception

Jersey Shore Fertility ConsultantWe had been trying to conceive for nearly two years, flirting with IVF, massage, and Chinese herbs, when we went to see a fertility presentation by Rebecca Curtis and Mary Hart at the Park Slope Food Coop.  We found the information compelling and immediately began following their advice.  We had an individual consultation with Rebecca the next week and changed our eating patterns and took supplements as per her recommendations.  Shortly after adopting these changes, we conceived, and after a successful pregnancy, gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

We highly recommend Rebecca Curtis for anyone having difficulties conceiving. Rebecca’s positive support and knowledge during this difficult time inspired and sustained us. We had many negative experiences with others who said that our chances were slim and getting slimmer. Rebecca’s consistently positive outlook was refreshing and helpful, breathing new life, literally and figuratively, into our efforts. Thank you Rebecca for your help in bringing our son, Henry Fox Hoppman, into the world.

Peter Hoppmann, late 40’s and Wife, 40’s.  Brooklyn, NY.  2012.

Alleviation of Insomnia, Improved Focus and Energy

Jersey Shore Sleep ExpertAfter being a client at Green Gem Health for three months, I have seen many improvements in my health. For the last ten years I suffered from insomnia and was often unable to sleep for more than two hours at night. Now I sleep better, and if I wake up, I am able to go back to sleep. My energy has improved, and I no longer have headaches and “racing thoughts.” I am eating more healthfully now and walking two miles every day. I am 72 years old, and I have seen many medical and naturopathic doctors over the years, and have been prescribed many supplements, but before I went to Green Gem Health, nothing helped. Rebecca goes outside the box to work with you and realizes that one shoe does not fit all. She has patience, and spends time with you to get to the root of the issues.

Michelle Cenac, 72, Retired Hospital Worker, Brooklyn NY.  2012.

Successful IVFJersey Shore IVF Consultant after Failed IVFs

When I met Rebecca at a seminar she gave, I’d gone through a few failed IVF’s, and I felt that working with her was an essential support. My doctor had said that my immune system was super-active, which caused my IVFs to fail. Through Rebecca, I learned that my body doesn’t do well with certain foods.  I had always eaten a lot of those foods, and that day I stopped, cold turkey!  I was entering ovulation and wanted to cleanse my body of the foods’ components that could harm me, making my immune system hyperactive.  I got pregnant on that cycle.

Rebecca’s vast knowledge of nutrition has helped me to create a healthy pregnancy-she’s taught me how to combine certain foods to improve my energy, to avoid those that harm my digestion and create blood sugar imbalance, and to choose healthier products to use in my home and body.  Now I’m 40 years old, and thankful that I’m having this wonderful experience of expecting a baby.  I’m fortunate to be able to count on Rebecca, such an honest, reliable and competent professional, to support me through this special time when I have the task of creating another life.

Ana Dos Santos, 40, Teacher and Artist.  Brooklyn, NY 2011.

Natural ConceptionJersey Shore Fertility Conception Expert after Failed IUIs and Failed IVFs

Rebecca’s protocol gave me the greatest gift of my life, naturally.  Rebecca taught me that it is possible to reprogram the body on a cellular level.  My daughter is the truest testament that her practice indeed works.

An ovarian cancer survivor, I was left with one ovary.  I was told in my early thirties that having children may not be possible.  It was recommended that I have a hysterectomy by age 36.  A late bloomer, I met my husband 12 years my junior when I was 40 years old.  We started trying for a baby almost immediately.  I was regularly cautioned against hope due to my history, my age, low egg yield, and the scar tissue from all my surgeries.

For three years I went to any healer who promised a solution.  Reiki, shamans, acupuncture, visualization, hypnosis, uterine massage and countless diets, supplements, herbs–I followed any and all protocols religiously. 6 failed IUIs, 4 failed IVF transfers and two miscarriages later, no baby.

I saw a flyer for a workshop Rebecca was doing on infertility at the Park Slope Food Coop. I really liked her individualized approach. One on one counseling sessions create a uniquely crafted plan. Rebecca uses kinesthetic muscle testing to tell what foods are optimal for your own body. She addressed everything from hormonal and adrenal support to iodine and the best types of filtered water. I even got my husband on a Rebecca diet!

Rebecca’s protocol was challenging, but she made it easier by offering recipes in line with the dietary changes. I cut out everything she showed me that my body did not like–including the prenatal vitamins my doctor prescribed. I took all the supplements she outlined for me and drank fluoride-free water.

Rebecca said it would take 3 months to see a difference.  Around the 4th or 5th month, I went to a new fertility clinic to discuss my options. At that initial meeting, Dr. Moomjy asked me if I thought I could possibly be pregnant? I assured her that definitely not, but she insisted I take a routine blood test.  Thinking nothing of it, my husband and I signed all the papers to start the next IVF cycle.

Walking back to work after the appointment, the clinic called me to give me the results and the nurse told me that I was, in fact, pregnant. I literally started bawling in the middle of the street. I was in my 8th week.  I followed Rebecca’s protocol through the critical beginning months of my pregnancy. In July 2013, we welcomed Heidi into the world. My beautiful, perfectly healthy, adorable baby girl.

Had it not been for Rebecca’s keen insight, encouragement and faith, I know I would not have the joy in my life I have today. Anyone who asks how I did it, I give them Rebecca’s information and implore them to call.  I am gearing up to start seeing her once again for help with baby #2!  The fertility journey is a long, precarious road. Rebecca helps you build the healthy ecosystem in which miracles really can come true.

Stephanie Prepon Drengk, 44, Advertising Executive.  Brooklyn, NY 2014.

Weight Loss and Pain Reduction

Jersey Shore Weight Loss ConsultantI went to see Rebecca in February of 2012. From our first meeting, I felt an incredible amount of support.  Having Rebecca help me figure out my health concerns has meant the world to me. I set goals for myself and achieved virtually all of them. I’ve lost weight, improved my cycle, have less pain, had a serious reduction in symptoms of a chronic illness, and flushed stones out of my gallbladder. I’ve changed negative eating habits and gotten into a regular exercise routine. With Rebecca’s support, I’ve even become strong enough to return to dance class, an old passion that fell off due to chronic pain. Rebecca has helped me overcome obstacles that I thought I was stuck with for the rest of my life; she has assisted me in becoming the person I knew I could become. Her work is invaluable and I hightly recommend her to anyone struggling with health concerns.

Theresa Salter, 35, Acupuncturist.  Brooklyn, NY, June 2013.

Natural Conception Jersey Shore Conception and Fertility Expert

When I met Rebecca, I’d recently suffered a miscarriage. After the miscarriage, my doctors told me that the baby I lost had not been viable, and that I would not be capable of bearing a child.  They told me that I needed to have an immediate hysterectomy, because of my fibroids. I was thirty eight years old. I was scared, and did not know what to do.  Rebecca told me that we could improve my fertility by using supplements. She gave me supplements and foods that she said would raise my progesterone levels, help my body process carbohydrates better, and shrink the fibroids.  I felt better after I took the supplements–I had more energy, less constipation, and no longer needed a space heater to keep me from being cold at work. Three months later, I was pregnant. When I had contractions in my first trimester, Rebecca gave me a supplement that stopped them. I’m now the mother of a healthy two year old son. Thanks to Rebecca’s care and guidance, I have more faith in my body and in my power to improve my own health.

Audrey Williams, 42, Program Coordinator.  New Jersey, January 2013.

Hashimoto’s DiseaseJersey Shore Holistic Diet Consultant

I feel so fortunate to have found Rebecca! Her approach truly is holistic and tailored to the individual.  While doctors looked at my blood work and told me I was in “pretty good shape” without offering much else, Rebecca really listened to me and addressed my issues and concerns. She provided a clear plan of dietary changes as well as supplements to take to support my efforts. The difference I felt was immediate and dramatic–to wake up every morning now feeling refreshed, vibrant and balanced, with no trace of the fatigue and “brain fog” that I’d felt for years is amazing and priceless!

Caroline Chen, 31 Consultant.  Brooklyn, NY 2012.

Improved Energy and Digestion

Jersey Shore Digestion ExpertRebecca has been treating me for the past year for stress and digestion-related problems, and more recently for fibroids. By individually tailoring a diet and supplement protocol for me–and adjusting the protocol as I progress–she has enabled me to reclaim my health to a large degree.

I honestly don’t know how I would manage without her support, as it is virtually impossible to find a health practitioner today who provides this level of care and attention.

Brittney Woods, 40, Technical Support and Software Developer.  June 2012.

Improved Energy, PCOSJersey Shore Holistic Energy Consultant

Green Gem Holistic Health has truly changed my life. When I started seeing Rebecca I suffered from over a decade of chronic low energy, PCOS and difficulty losing weight. Rebecca examined and tweaked everything from what I eat to what beauty products I use.  My energy levels rose rapidly and now I need less sleep and am working out every day. I have taken up running and have been competing in races, which was previously unimaginable! My best friend (who I hadn’t seen in a year) came and visited and could not believe how energetic I have become. I heartily recommend Rebecca to anyone who is looking to improve their life.

Olivia Kraus, 35, Attorney at Law.  Brooklyn, NY 2011.

Anemia, FibroidsJersey Shore Anemia Relief Consultant

I suffered from anemia for over 15 years. When I first met Rebecca, my hemoglobin level was a 6 (normal is 12 to 15).  My doctor recommended that I get a blood transfusion. Rebecca investigated what would raise my hemoglobin levels without the transfusion and without supplemental iron, which constipates me. Rebecca realized that my body would only absorb iron from foods, not supplements. She suggested iron rich foods that agreed with my constitution and developed a supplement protocol for me that proved very beneficial. Within 3 months, my hemoglobin level rose from 6 to 10.7.  I am still on the protocol and feeling better every day.  I also see improvements in other areas: the inflammation in my knee has subsided, I have regular bowel habits, and I have more energy.  Rebecca ensures that her recommendations are useful, practical and accurate. She is kind, compassionate, and very knowledgeable about the field of health and wellness.

Keri Watkins, 44, Educational Administrator.  Brooklyn, NY 2011.

Conception with HormonesJersey Shore Hormone Conception Expert

I am so thankful for Rebecca, whose coaching enabled me to avoid IVF. My doctor had labelled me as “infertile” and laid out the standard treatments, ending in IVF. I was given no explanation and felt frustrated.  That is when I found Rebecca at Green Gem Health–a reassuring voice who would help me with a personalized fertility protocol that boosted my overall health. Rebecca identified specific foods that would support my thyroid and adrenals, replenish essential minerals, and strengthen my fortitude. I was able to overcome not only fertility issues, but improve my digestion, increase my energy levels, address stress in a healthful way, and feel great! When I finally returned to my doctor to try oral clomid, I was pregnant on the first attempt–no IUI or IVF. Now we have our beautiful, healthy baby girl!  I truly believe my success can be attributed to the work I did with my holistic nutritionist, and am so thankful for the time I spent preparing my body for carrying my baby.

Nicole Edwards, 34, Artist.  Brooklyn, NY 2012.

HypothyroidismJersey Shore Hypothroidism Relief Consultant

I was recently diagnosed with a goiter and was so scared.  When I found Rebecca, and started to work with her, I felt so relieved that all the weight I thought would never go away suddenly started to disappear.  I will recommend anyone to her.  With just a few simple steps, I feel much better, my energy has improved, my goiter is shrinking and so am I.

Trudy Cenac, 32, Childcare Professional. Brooklyn, NY 2012.