1. I use both conventional and alternative approaches to medicine.  I team with New Jersey Shore’s best integrative medical doctors, chiropractors and acupuncturists to provide clients with collaborative care.  In my practice, I conduct a thorough review of clients’ health histories and analyze their physical symptoms.  I also read clients’ blood-work, and in some cases, I may request that clients’ doctors run additional tests.  All these factors–clients’ laboratory results, physical symptoms and health histories–guide my selection of the supplements that may benefit an individual.  I use kinesthetic testing to identify food allergies and to help identify the supplements that will most benefit a given client’s individual constitution.

2. I strive to address the underlying causes of ailments.  Imagine that you live in a remote village, and your best friend hires a messenger who rides on horseback all the way across the country to you with an envelope containing an important letter. Would you burn the envelope? Of course not!  Our bodies are our best friends, and they send us messages all the time. Part of my job is to help my clients learn to more fully understand and respond to their body’s signals. Skin problems may connote a deficiency in certain omega-fatty-acids, or indicate that the client is eating foods that cause inflammation in her gut; fatigue may mean that the client has toxins in her body that she needs to clear; low levels of thyroid hormone may suggest that the client needs to replenish key minerals, or support her adrenals. Too often, western medicine merely treats the symptoms of illnesses, without correcting the underlying problems.  By helping clients across the Jersey Shore resolve the underlying imbalance, I can enable them to be strong from the inside-out, so they don’t have to palliate symptoms forever.

3. No one diet or way of eating is right for everyone. Various authorities champion a variety of dietary styles.  There is the ‘high-carbohydrate, low fat’ diet, the ‘Paleo-Diet,’ the ‘South Beach Diet,’ ‘macrobiotic,’ ‘raw-food,’ vegetarianism, veganism and the ‘Mediterranean Diet,’ just to name a few!  But I do not advocate any one diet as the ‘correct’ one, because everyone is different. I help clients identify the way of eating that best fuels their individual constitution.

4. I use supplements from a wide spectrum of traditions.  The same supplement that will do wonders for one client may do nothing for another.  Some clients benefit from glandular supplements, while others fare better with Ayurvedic root extracts, herbs from the Amazonian rainforest, or Chinese bitters.  There is so much wisdom to be gained from each school of health, from Western medicine to Ayurveda.  I want my clients to have whatever will help them the most, so I make my practice inclusive.  I ensure that supplements are fresh, potent, in vegetarian capsules, and bioavailable.  They have few binders and fillers, and few or no synthetic ingredients.

5. No one should need supplements.  In an ideal world, we’d drink mineral-water from a fresh spring and eat only whole, organic, locally-grown foods. We’d exercise for at least one hour every day. Our relationships would all be loving, and we’d pursue our passions while maintaining a spiritual practice of our choice, whether yoga, religion, meditation or simply walking in nature.  In New York City, many people work over-demanding jobs, do not get enough sleep, and intake toxins. The stress of urban-living and environmental pollution can weaken our immune system and adrenals, and deplete our body of minerals. We should only take supplements we truly need.  By helping clients eliminate toxic products from their bathroom cabinets and kitchens, identify the foods that most fuel their bodies, and resolve underlying weaknesses in their systems, I aim to make them strong and supplement-free in the long run.

6.  I am honored to work with my clients and inspired by them. My clients are busy, hardworking professionals who are willing to make positive changes in their diets and lives, and to address underlying causes of ailments.  I learn from my clients every day.

7. All aspects of our lives affect our health.  Having a toxic work environment or being in a toxic relationship can contribute to our acquiring physical ailments.  Having unaddressed childhood traumas or holding on to old resentments can also impair our immune system.   Unfortunately, when a person is tired and sick, they do not usually have the strength to make impactful changes in their relationships and careers.  But I’ve noticed that if I can help clients support their thyroid and adrenals, cleanse toxins from their livers and improve their physical energy and mental focus, that they’re often then able to improve their career paths, release emotional wounds, and forge stronger, healthier relationships.

8. I aim to foster the connection between my clients’ bodies and their minds.  The human body sends 11 million bits of information per second to the brain for processing.  But the conscious mind is able to process only fifty bits of information per second.  This is a huge discrepancy!  The vast majority of our brains’ processing of information happens outside our conscious notice, and the majority of our bodies’ activities–such as digestion, circulation, elimination, etc–happen outside our conscious control.  Our bodies possess a wealth of information that our conscious mind lacks direct access to.  When I use muscle-testing to help my clients identify the supplements that will support them the most, we are strengthening the synaptic pathways between the brain and the body, so that in the future, clients may have better access to their own intuitive knowledge and “gut wisdom.”

Often, when we’re doing food-allergy testing and a client tests badly for a healthful food, she says to me: “I never really liked that food. When I first tried it, I hated it. I forced myself to like it because I was told that it was good for me.”  The client learns that when she viscerally dislikes a food, it probably means that it’s not actually good for her!  Through heightened observation, my clients start to notice which foods make them gassy and bloated, which ones make them feel drowsy and give them brain fog, and which congest their sinuses. Clients across the Jersey Shore learn to communicate with their body, to recognize and honor its signals.

9. My work is practical and basic.  I’m a logical, detail-oriented person who seeks empirical evidence and wants measurable results. I thrive on helping clients achieve specific, concrete health goals.  In my work I often do very basic things, like help clients replenish their levels of B-12, Vitamin D, magnesium and iodine. I use bloodwork. I use supplements geared to make clients’ LDL cholesterol levels go down and measures indicating their thyroid health to go up.  I help clients balance hormones and cleanse their livers. I admire spiritual healers, but my own practice is physical and concrete.

10. Only the right supplement will help you.  A recent study found that 90% of the vitamins Americans take provide them with no benefit whatsoever. I can believe this. Often, when clients first come to see me, they bring from 5 to 15 supplements that they’ve been taking, because they decided (on their own or after a watching a TV show) that they needed them. Most of these supplements are full of binders and fillers, are synthetic, and are difficult for the body to digest and utilize.  When I test to see how the client’s body reacts to the vitamins they’ve been taking, often times their body rejects every single one–even if some are high-quality. Things like fish oil, CO-Q10, curcumin, maca and spirulina may be helpful–but only if they’re what our bodies need!  If a supplement is not exactly what our body desires, we are simply burdening our liver with extra material to process by taking it. My job is to use clients’ symptoms and my knowledge of their individual constitution to identify the supplements that my clients’ bodies truly need, that will improve their energy, digestion and focus and help them reach their health-goals.

11. We are all connected.  When we feel strong and energized, we’re better able to make positive changes in the world around us. In recent decades, technology has enhanced global communication.  Because of TV and the internet, a revolution in one country affects the globe. We’re now aware that pollution from any country affects the whole earth. At the same time, I believe that people around the world are more conscious of our impact on each other on an intellectual, spiritual and psychic level. The more people who become strong and healthy, the more we’re able, as a group, to effect positive changes such as limiting pollution, reducing chemicals in the environment, and eliminating third-world poverty and hunger.