3-Month Men’s Fertility-Boosting Program

  1. IDENTIFY foods and chemicals that cause inflammation and imbalance and eliminate them from the diet and environment.
  2. CLEANSE the body of toxins, using detoxifying foods and supplements.
  3. STRENGTHEN testicular function, using targeted supplements designed to improve circulation, metabolism and testosterone production.
  4. REPLENISH the essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins needed for healthy sperm, using the herbs and supplements that best fuel the individual constitution.

If you’ve been told that you have low sperm count, volume or motility, or poor sperm morphology, our Atlas Men’s Fertility-Boosting Program will help you to improve your sperm parameters within three months, so that you and your partner can conceive a healthy baby.  We assess labs, bloodwork and physical symptoms carefully, and identify the targeted diet and supplements that most benefit your individual constitution.  If our clients’ sperm has not improved within three months, we provide a complimentary follow-up consultation.

ATLAS 3-Month Men’s Fertility Boosting Program

Improve Sperm Quality, Count, Volume and Motility


  • 3 Months of Green Gem Support
  • 3-Hour Initial Consultation
  • Lab Review and Medical History
  • Personalized Fertility Menu
  • Individualized Supplement Testing and Protocol
  • Detoxification Protocol
  • Adrenal and Thyroid Support
  • Vitamin and Mineral Replenishment
  • Testosterone-Boosting Nutrition Plan
  • Intersession Email Support
  • Deluxe Green Gem Foundation Kit $50 Retail Value
  • Free Follow-Up Consultation if Goal Not Achieved in 3 Months.