We occasionally offer seminars. Here is the list of classes we offer there and their descriptions. Hope to see you at one of them soon!





Weight Loss

Why do some people lose weight on vegetarian diets, while others gain weight on them?  Why do some people thrive on “low-carb” diets, but not others?  Why do some people have “slow metabolisms?”  In this workshop, you’ll learn what underlying factors cause weight gain, and how to identify which supplements and foods will increase your individual constitution’s fitness, metabolism, and strength.


Here’s Why You’re Not Pregnant:

9 Sneaky Causes of Infertility and How to Fix Them                hands_baby_adult

In this workshop, we will explain the underlying causes of infertility, and how to resolve them.  We will help participants to identify which endocrine disrupters are affecting their bodies, and craft strategies to remove toxins from their diet and environment.  Participants will also learn how to pinpoint which foods, exercises and supplements will boost their individual fertility.


Cysts, Fibroids and PMS                                                                     stock-photo-vegetables-and-fruits-on-the-collection-of-forks-diet-concept-77763838

Participants will learn five effective, natural ways to eliminate fibroids, cysts and PMS.  We will explain the underlying causes of hormonal imbalance, how to resolve them, and how to boost your energy and clarity by implementing the diet and exercises and using the natural supplements that best fuel your individual constitution.  This class will provide the supportive environment participants need to identify and practice the changes that will improve their health.


Sciatica and Arthritis

In this class, we will explain the underlying causes of sciatica and arthritis.  Participants will learn how to identify which foods and chemicals cause inflammation in their bodies, how to eliminate those substances from their diets and environments, and which beneficial foods and supplements will strengthen their individual constitutions.

Focus and Clarity

In this workshop, participants will learn how to boost their physical strength and mental clarity naturally.  We will explain the various underlying causes of “brain fog,” fatigue and sluggishness and how to eliminate them.  Participants will learn to identify which supplements, exercises and foods will boost their individual strength and clarity.

Beating the Sugar Blues

We’ve all had it: the unbearable urge to eat something sugary.  In this class, participants will identify the underlying causes of their own unique sugar-cravings, and craft strategies to eliminate the triggers from their diets and environments.  We’ll help participants identify which foods will fuel their constitutions, and which supplements and exercises will gear their bodies towards balance, clarity and strength.

IBS and Digestive Health

In this class, we will explain the various underlying causes of irritable bowel syndrome and indigestion.  We’ll help participants identify which foods and toxins are affecting their bodies, and eliminate the toxins from their lives.  Participants will learn which foods, supplements and exercises will strengthen their individual systems and gear them towards health.