6-Month Woman’s Fertility Boosting Protocol

  1. IDENTIFY foods and chemicals that cause inflammation and imbalance and eliminate them from diet and environment.
  2. CLEANSE the body of yeast, toxins, blockages and cysts using detoxifying foods and supplements.
  3. STRENGTHEN endocrine function, with supplements designed to support thyroid and adrenal health, improve egg quality and increase hormone production.
  4. REPLENISH the essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins needed for conception, using the herbs, foods and supplements that best fuel the individual constitution.



The fertility journey can be frustrating.  Have you:

  • Tried to conceive for six months without results?
  • Suffered a miscarriage or had a chemical pregnancy?
  • Been told that your eggs are ‘old’ or ‘fragile?’
  • Been diagnosed with ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids or PCOS?
  • Been diagnosed with low estrogen levels?
  • Been told that you’re not ovulating?
  • Been diagnosed with a ‘low egg supply’ or ‘premature ovarian failure?’
  • Been told that your thyroid is fine, even though you feel tired and cold?
  • Been diagnosed with high FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) or low AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone)?

If you’ve had any of these experiences, we can help.  We review clients’ labs thoroughly.  We often request that doctors run additional tests, and we assess each individual’s symptoms carefully.  We identify the fertility diet and supplements that will best fortify each individual’s unique constitution.  We help our clients to support their thyroid and adrenal health, detoxify their bodies, replenish minerals, and restore the cellular mitochondrial energy levels needed to grow healthy eggs and embryos.  Our protocols can resolve cysts, fibroids, amenhorrea, luteinizing deficiency and blocked tubes.  In a confidential and supportive environment, we help clients find the vibrant health inside them.  We partner with New Jersey’s premiere fertility acupuncturists and reproductive endocrinologists, and gladly extend the length of your support package at no cost to you if you haven’t conceived within six months.



Most of our clients:

  • Are hardworking, busy professionals.
  • Have been trying to conceive for a year without results, or have had a failed IUI or IVF.
  • Are between 32 and 47 years old.
  • Eat healthfully and exercise regularly.
  • Are smart, organized women who’ve been navigating the world of natural and assisted reproduction on their own, and who’ve been taking supplements that they read about online, such as Maca, Royal Bee Jelly and Vitex.
  • Have had their thyroid tested, but only TSH and Free T4.  They have not had their T3 levels tested.

Many of our clients:

  • Have been feeling less than their best, and are not sure why.  They feel tired in the afternoon, and often have cold hands and feet.
  • Get a positive on an ovulation-predictor-kit some months, but not others.
  • Find that when their period comes, they bleed for fewer days than they used to.
  • Find that their cycles are shorter now than in previous years, or longer.
  • Crave sugar, caffeine and carbs.

Does any of this sound like experiences you’ve had?

The function of each part of your endocrine system– thyroid, pituitary gland, adrenals, uterus, and ovary–is dependent upon the function of the system as a whole.  So if your thyroid function is subpar, you won’t get pregnant.  If your adrenals are tired, you won’t get pregnant.  Your endocrine system needs to function well as a system in order for you to get pregnant.

Did you know that:

  • Appropriate thyroid values for fertility are not the same as the “acceptable range” of thyroid values used by Quest and other labs.  To conceive, your TSH should be under 2.   Your Free T3 value should be in the upper half of the ‘normal’ range, not the lower half.
  • Cellular mitochondrial energy levels fall as we age.  Many women over 35, and most over 40, do not have enough cellular mitochondrial energy in their eggs’ cells to enable the eggs to properly execute the thousands of cell-divisions that must occur during the egg-growing phase of their cycle.  (Days 1 through 12).  This is one reason why most women over 40 have difficulty getting pregnant.
  • COQ10 levels fall as we age.  Women need hefty amounts of COQ10 in order to make healthy eggs.
  • Our livers, gallbladders and kidneys get congested as we age.  Intake of chemicals and toxins from processed foods, tap water and city air contribute, as does career-stress and the passage of time.  Most women over 30 benefit from gentle liver and gallbladder cleansing and support.  Since our liver processes all our hormones, a congested liver (or a genetically sticky liver) leads to impaired hormone production.
  • Having a low AMH or a high FSH means that your egg supply has grown smaller.  But this does not mean that you do not have good eggs left.


At Green Gem Health and Fertility, we correct the underlying causes of imbalance.  If you’ve had difficulty conceiving, or if even if you simply want to bring your body to its strongest state before getting pregnant, so that you can conceive the healthiest baby possible, then you should call us to discuss whether our Fertility Prep Package is right for you.